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The Unfortunate Common Theme Among Trucking Accidents


Someone is killed or dangerously injured every 15 minutes by truck drivers. In the U.S around 500.000 truck accidents take place annually. The surprising fact is that more than 70 percent of those accidents happen to occur in the daylight which raises the question – how can it happen if the weather was clear and there were no obstacles on the road?

A study completed by Alliance for Driver Safety & Security has shown that there are as many as 300.000 truck drivers in the U.S alone who would possibly fail a hair analysis test or would not agree to take it. Until recently, the only test that was recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation was the urine drug tests. However, things might change soon. The surveys have determined that 9 out of 10 times truck drivers that use drugs are left undetected. This means that the current situation lets truck drivers drive all around the country while being on drugs. As you can see in the chart below, the urine test does show an extremely inaccurate picture of truck drivers’ real drug use.

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To make matters worse, cocaine is supposed to be the most popular drug among truck drivers followed by heroin. Marijuana is the third in the list meaning that truck drivers not only consistently drive on drugs but also prefer stronger drugs.

The career of being a truck driver surely comes with some difficulties. Long distances, monotonous work conditions can lead to serious implications for mental health. One can compare their cabin in the truck as solitary confinement as they have to drive for as much as 11 hours until they are obliged to take some rest. This is the reason why drivers become prone to various addiction including gambling and drugs.

Cocaine is the main drug that truck drivers use which keeps them awake and lets them drive for long hours. It is a very powerful stimulant that could be extremely dangerous behind the wheel. Marijuana, which is also a popular drug among truck drivers can make them less concentrated and completely lose focus.

The most dangerous event is when the driver passes out behind the wheel due to fatigue which most certainly causes a crash. Hallucinations are another worrying consequence when the drivers lose their sense of reality and engage in dangerous maneuvers that in many cases lead to serious accidents.

While there are many truck accidents that do not harm anyone, this is more an exception from the rule. The accidents caused by truck drivers, unfortunately, have very grave consequences due to the severity of the crash and unfortunately often involve multiple casualties. The statistics have shown that truck drivers themselves are rarely injured while 98 percent of fatalities happen to the passenger vehicles.

If you or your family member have been injured in that kind of accident when the truck driver was under influence of the drugs you will need the best truck accident attorney near you. You will be properly advised in regard to your claim and the legal actions that you can take. The most important factor is to determine the liability in the case which should be done by a legal professional only. Therefore, finding the best truck accident attorney is vital after every truck accident.


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