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The Risks of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been a cause of numerous serious road accidents. While being distracted even for one second, you might miss a vital object or event that could lead you and your vehicle towards a fatal accident on a road.  And the more time your eyes are off the road the more you are susceptible to have a negative outcome on your actions.

Some activities behind the wheel are causing much more trouble than others, such as texting and driving. Even taking a sip of your takeaway coffee or checking on your children in the back of the car could have fatal consequences. That could be easily avoided if only the driver would have the discipline to resist those urges.


There are 3 types of distractions:

  • Manual (touching, grabbing things in your car while the wheel remains out of control)
  • Visual (paying attention to the other things but the road)
  • Cognitive (being distracted by your own thoughts)


All of these distractions could be extremely dangerous but there is one cause of disturbance that many of us are guilty of engaging in.

Yes, it is texting and it requires our cognitive, manual, and visual attention which makes it even more disturbing.

The research has shown that 29% of the drivers have admitted to having texted while driving. What is more, 9% of them have felt an immense need to answer the text message as soon as it arrives.

One might think that drunk driving is a much bigger cause for distraction than using your cellphone, but we have to assure it is not the case. The numbers of accidents due to driving under influence are significantly lower than those which are caused by the driver‘s distraction.

It is an alarming rate as technologies take up more and more of our lives and the distraction rate will undoubtedly climb up every year.

Visual distractions are no less dangerous. As much as tempting it is to check your make-up in the mirror, a new advertisement on the billboard, or observe another crash seen through your window, you have to do your best to resist it. According to the surveys, 2 seconds of visual distraction doubles your risk of a crash.

Manual distraction could be a cause of an instant crash, especially when you reach out for fallen things and that might distort your visual ability as well. Drinking coffee and eating your breakfast bagel even while looking at the road is no less dangerous. There might happen a situation when you have to react in a mere second and if your hands are off the wheel, the prolonged time can cause a fatal motor vehicle crash.

Cognitive distraction is not that popular to think about as a serious cause for the accidents on a road. However, multitasking is a dangerous thing to engage in behind the wheel. A simple chat with your friend in a passenger seat might reduce your attention to the road and you will not notice little things like road signs and your increased speed which will certainly put your vehicle in great danger. 




And while we definitely don‘t want you to get involved in an accident on the road the odds might be against you. Everyone is so preoccupied with their mobile phones, other electronic devices, and other common distractions that those sorts of accidents became a new normal. In this case, choosing the right personal injury attorney for you is very important. This might save you time as well as your money. Regarding the personal injury cases, the experience of lawyers matters, and choosing the best car accident lawyer is to your own benefit.

Let‘s face it. Distracted driving can cause too much frustration and pain to you, your passengers, and others for just a few seconds while you are not paying attention. Is it worth it? The answer is – definitely, no.

Have you had any experiences with respect to distracted driving? Let us know in the comments section!









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