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How much would building a website for my business cost me?

That is a loaded question. There are three things to think about when building a website. 1 – What is the goal? More important, what is the winning strategy that will get you to that goal? Who is going to come up with this strategy and ensure it works? You can use a low level marketing mind or a high powered intellectual. You have to start by choosing that. 2 – Who is going to design it? Do you want a designer that works part time while driving an Uber or do you want a solid veteran that understands how to take strategies and turn them into art. The next part of this section is to think about how many changes you put the design through. If you have A LOT of changes, you can expect to pay a lot more. 3 – The question is the same as the previous 2. Do you want a coder that knows SEO and how to code things so that it is friendly to Google? Or do you want a clunky website that Google and visitors land on and it does not work half the time, so they bounce. After all that in mind. Websites with SPM will range from $3000 and

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